Former Gophers head football coach and chili temperature enthusiast Tim Brewster found himself in a bit of a Twitter battle Monday after declaring on the social media site, "To say that the Big 12 is even on the same planet w the #SEC is straight crazy. The elite players in Texas totally understand. #SEC."

Brewster, who spent five seasons with Florida State as the tight ends coach before moving to SEC school Texas A&M in the same role in January, has been known to mix it up in the name of both self-promotion and recruiting. While most people would generally agree the SEC is a better conference than the Big 12, Brewster's bluster nevertheless did not go unchecked.

But it was not until Cale Gundy — co-offensive coordinator at Big 12 school Oklahoma — tweeted Tuesday that the mic was fully dropped. Gundy noted Brewster declared just last year on Twitter that the ACC was the best conference in college football.

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