Jets running back Isaiah Crowell somehow managed to avoid the ire of Chief Booty-Related Touchdown Celebration Officer Joe Buck.

Buck, you might recall, was none too impressed when the Vikings played the Packers in the playoffs after the 2004 season and Randy Moss celebrated a TD at Lambeau Field with his "fake moon." Buck's sensibilities were so offended that he declared it a "disgusting act."

So what did Buck do Thursday when Crowell plunged into the Browns end zone and then used the ball as a prop while mimicking the act of wiping one's behind?

Not much, really.

All Buck said was "and that will draw a flag every time" as the yellow hankies rained down.

Maybe the decreased magnitude of the game — not to downplay the Browns' first win in forever — brought out the muted response? Or maybe Buck has mellowed in the 14 years since Moss?

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