Locked down has left me feeling lonely.

Locked down has got me to see life in front of me.

Locked down has made me see the important things in my life.

Locked down has took me away from my kids and wife.

Locked down is for no one.

Locked down is the sound you hear from the speakers that are mounted on the wall.

Locked down is for clowns.

Locked down is for real so think of life and take a chill pill.

Locked down is for real.



My boy is 12

My boy is tall

My boy is handsome

My boy looks like a man

My boy is angry

My boy is hurt

My boy is ashamed

My boy loves me

My boy is forgiving



Here I sit locked down and jailed for weeks

Told when to eat and when to sleep

Yet I'm free

Visits come through a glass window, with a phone

I can't even feel my kids' touch

Yet I'm free

Watching the rain fall from the sky

Wishing I was dancing in the rain

Yet I'm free

Crying thinking about what I've done to hurt my family

Loved ones torn apart because I'm gone

Yet I'm free

Day come and gone from the sun the moon

Waiting for my out date to come

Yet I'm free

If only I could set back the hands of time I would

I know the past is gone

Yet I'm free

I need to think about the future and what's ahead

Keep returning to jail or turn my life around for the sake of my kids

One thing I know, it's hard to say goodbye

Yet I'm free



When you finally reach your fate it can be hard to adjust, but there's something inside you that tells you, your survival is a must.

Our perceptions of the world determine how we utilize our time, you either strive toward opportunities, or to become better at crime.

It's a fact that everything in life has a degree of difficulty involved, but you have to face each of its challenges until your problems are eventually solved.

If for some reason you view this obstacle as some type of setback, then you have been blinded by the struggle, that your blessings are attached.

From the outside looking in spectators always run their mouth, not knowing that hardships are required, to get the best of what's inside of you out.