An Edina dentist whose teenage patient died after wisdom teeth surgery last summer can return to practice but won’t be allowed to use anesthesia or sedation.

The dentist, Dr. Paul Tompach, was temporarily suspended from seeing patients by the Minnesota Board of Dentistry in late January because he “failed to appropriately manage a medical emergency.”

Sydney Galleger, 17, a junior at Eden Prairie High School, died six days after becoming unresponsive during oral surgery at Tompach’s office.

A board investigation found that Tompach inappropriately allowed untrained dental assistants to monitor Galleger and other patients while they were under anesthesia at his Edina Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery practice. It also found that a carbon dioxide monitor was not used during Galleger’s procedure as was required.

Additionally, the board found that Tompach failed to print out and maintain vital signs monitoring recordings during surgeries, that other record-keeping was deficient and that the office’s crash cart contained drugs and equipment that had expired.

Under an agreement reached Thursday between Tompach and the board, the dentist must complete several conditions, including a psychological fitness-for-duty evaluation and one-on-one consultations with an oral surgeon and an emergency medical professional.

He also cannot administer anesthesia, sedation or nitrous oxide to patients. However, with board approval he can hire another qualified professional to perform those procedures.

Tompach was also fined $12,500.