Condo redesign team

Interior design: Noble Interiors,

Contractor: Quality Cut Design Remodel,

Faux finishing: Elias Cartwright Fine Painting and Finishes,


Designer James Noble shares his tips on infusing color into a room:

• Add an accent color in an unexpected place. “We painted the kitchen island red, for example,” he said. Another option is to paint the back wall of the cabinet where you store everyday dishes, for a fun surprise.

• Frame or matte black-and-white sketches in a bright color to hang over the sofa. Add accent pillows with the same color, and toss them on either end of the sofa. Note: Start with the pillow color, because it’s easier to find a matching color picture frame.

• Find ways to introduce the accent color in other rooms on the same floor, for example, a monogram on hand towels or a shower curtain in the bathroom, or simply hand towels in the chosen color.

• Find a basket or tray to store mail or keys in the accent color.

• Add color to the top and bottom edge of lampshades.

• Additions of accent color should be the same shade — but don’t overuse it. Just give the eye snippets.