You are better than that.

You break down stats, tell me about a batter's wOBA, use strikeout percentages, launch angles and spin rates in your arguments.

You, the readers of this blog and followers on twitter (that's @LaVelleNeal) have proven to be well-educated followers of the game.

But what transpired last night at about 6:13 p.m. was NOT the behavior of a cultured baseball fan base.

Once the Twins announced their selection of Royce Lewis as their first round pick, you exploded. Hunter Greene had to be the pick, and anything else meant that the Twins don't know what they are doing.

Really? Have we not paid attention to the draft? 

This is one of the biggest crapshoots in sports. I wrote on Sunday that the league was going to hand out $240 million in signing bonuses, and most of the money will be unwisely spent. The hardest thing to do is to look at high school or college kids and figure out what they will be in five years.

I received an e-mail on Sunday that read: "I watched Kyle Wright pitch. Only pedestrian. Greene has to be the one."

Really? How are you doing in Powerball these days?

The experts routinely swing and miss on the draft. Teams swing and miss on the draft (where's Mark Appel). How do we know any better? I would like the Twins to draft Tanner Burns with the first pick of the third round, but what do I know? I read reports, look at some video and talk to a few scouts - and scouts swing and miss too. 

And drafting pitchers it as challenging as anything.

If a team feels strongly about a prospect, then draft him. The Twins did it with Denard Span and Ben Revere - picks that were panned by fans -  and those players ended up being solid major leagues.

I have said this and written this in recent weeks. Whenever I asked the Twins about Lewis, they always had good things to say about him. I think he was always their sleeper pick.

The Twins liked Greene (who doesn't like 101 mph fastballs) but there were concerns about the quality of his secondary pitches - which is NOT a universal belief. I also believe that the Twins found some things during their due diligence that raised other concerns. Something turned them off about Greene. Maybe we'll find out one day.

Now I want to address the money situation. I laid it out here a couple weeks ago that the Twins were looking to sign the first pick for less to save money for other picks. This is sound draft strategy that the Phillies practiced last year and the Astros used in 2012 when they landed Carlos Correa and Lance McCullers. But, no, you wanted to stomp and scream and call the Twins cheap when they took Lewis.

Players fall in the draft who are strongly committed to college or if their agent argues that they are worth more than where they are selected. Teams have been able to sign those players by overpaying for that slot, and the Twins have that flexibility today as rounds 3-10 take place. A Twins official told me this morning that they saved a substantial amount on their first pick (I'm guessing around $1 million) and saved some on their next two picks, the 35th and 37th overall, after that.

Let's let this play out today as rounds 3-10 take place. And show some restraint, for goodness sakes.

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