Danielle Robinson could have come to the Minnesota Lynx as the best point guard in the history of the WNBA -- and yet a certain amount of chatter would have centered on the incredible fact that she'd never, ever hit a three-point shot since entering the league in 2011.

At Target Center, you could sense an undercurrent of anticipation whenever Robinson had the ball in possible shooting position outside the three-point arc. In fact, she made a three during last week's victory over Los Angeles, but she had a foot on the baseline and the basket was disallowed.

There were groans from the people who knew what was up.

Well, Robinson's streak ended Wednesday afternoon in Indianapolis, where six minutes into the game, she tried the 40th three-pointer of her career.


The Lynx Twitter feed went into full celebration mode:

For an encore, Robinson hit another three-pointer in the fourth quarter as the Lynx pulled away from Indiana for an 87-65 victory that gave the Lynx a 12-8 record and improved their playoff position in the WNBA standings.

Robinson's achievement set off some social media fun from Lynx play-by-play voice John Focke and others:

Here's what it sounded like on the radio.

But getting more serious for a moment, Robinson's arrival has been a big deal for the Lynx. She brings a faster tempo to the team's offense and in some games, including Wednesday's, plays more minutes than starting point guard Lindsay Whalen. And as much as the three-point futility was an undercurrent of the Lynx season, Robinson never took advantage of playing time in a game that was already decided by going for three when there was a better play to be made. She'd only tried six in the 18 games she played before Wednesday.

In addition, she has lived up to her reputation as one of the better defensive players in the WNBA.

With speculation about Whalen's future with the Lynx, which grew all the more when she was named head coach at the University of Minnesota, it makes sense to look at Robinson's play through the lens of an eventual changing of the team's point guards.

Her fans include Whalen, for reasons that go beyond basketball.

So if Robinson is next in line, the Lynx look to be in good hands.

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