For the Vikings, 2018 is sliding toward the perfect storm of unflattering comparisons based on won-loss records for the quarterbacks who start for the Vikings, Redskins and Broncos.

At this point last year, the Redskins were 5-7 with Kirk Cousins. This year, they're 6-6 with Alex Smith, Colt McCoy and Mark Sanchez.

At this point last year, the Vikings were 10-2 with Sam Bradford and Case Keenum. This year, with Cousins and his $84 million expectations, they're 6-5-1 and slipping while Case is 6-6 and surging in Denver.

But let's not use a team's record to assess a bottom-line, final-answer judgment on an individual. There are far, far too many other variables.

A quarterback's record can be a piece to the puzzle. Just don't let it be the only piece. Look deeper into what happened in the games. Better yet, watch the games before looking at the numbers.