Two teenagers were charged Tuesday in the hit-and-run death of a 17-year-old in Andover, and a third suspect awaits being charged.

Jaden S. Meadows, 16, of Andover, and Daveion L. Maddox, 17, of St. Francis, were charged Monday in Anoka County juvenile court with second-degree murder in connection with the death Friday of 17-year-old Tristan G. Robinson, of Elk River.

A third person and the suspected driver, Loren J. Gafner, 19, of St. Francis, remains jailed pending charges. Authorities say that Meadows and Maddox were in the car with Gafner when Robinson was run over on 141st Lane NW. near Palm Street during a scheme to rob him of a small amount of marijuana.

Meadows and Maddox remain in custody, and prosecutors have requested that they be tried as adults.

Seconds after Robinson was dragged and came free from under the car, Gafner and Maddox laughed while driving away and threatened to kill Meadows if he snitched, the criminal complaint read. Gafner had a gun with him, the court filing stated.

According to the charges against Meadows and Maddox:

Robinson was playing video games with two other people in Andover and said he needed to meet someone coming by. The two heard tires screeching, ran outside and saw Robinson in the street. They called police.

The following night, Meadows, his mother and his brother went to the Sheriff's Office. Jaden Meadows told law enforcement that he, Maddox and Gafner had been looking for marijuana. Meadows said he contacted someone with Robinson and arranged to make a $100 marijuana purchase.

When they didn't have enough money, Robinson went back into the home with Meadows to remove some of the marijuana from the bag.

Meadows, who said his accomplices told him to take the marijuana without paying, grabbed the bag and ran. Robinson gave chase outside, where Maddox pointed a 9-millimeter gun at Robinson.

Robinson grabbed the door handle and was dragged by the car as Gafner backed out of the drive. Meadows heard "multiple thumps and believed [Robinson] went under both the front and back wheels."

Meadows looked back and saw Robinson in the street "in a fetal position, not moving," the charging document read.

Gafner and Maddox "were laughing about this," the complaint continued, and then "threatened to kill [Meadows] if he told anyone what happened."