Jason Matheson is getting a 10 a.m. talk show on Fox 9.

A station spokesperson, who talked on background because there's been no official announcement, confirmed Tuesday that in late summer or early fall Fox 9 will launch a one-hour weekday national talker/pop culture show hosted by Matheson. A 10 a.m. show means that Matheson will continue to co-host MyTalk107.1FM's morning drive show with Alexis Thompson.

When news broke in February of Matheson's sudden divorce from WCCO-TV and it was announced that he'd return to Fox 9 as a "contributor" on the "Buzz," I told you that couldn't possibly be the extent of his role; he was gushing about 9's willingness to try new things. I was starting to worry, though, when Matheson began guest anchoring the 9 a.m. "Buzz" while Alix Kendall, Keith Marler and Tom Halden (see next item about his surprise exit) burned vacation time ahead of the May sweeps.

The new Matheson project will obviously bump the "Wendy Williams Show" to 11 a.m. It would've been fun, however, to have him go up against WCCO-TV's new "Mid-Morning" show at 9 a.m., given recent history.

As you may know, Matheson began his TV career as a WCCO-TV dispatcher in 1997. In 2000 he left WCCO to go to Fox 9 and produce entertainment segments. That expanded into on-camera spots and eventually a 30-minute show. He also was allowed to do a radio show that helped catapult his TV career. When he and Fox 9 could not come to terms on a new contract, Matheson waited out his noncompete and WCCO outbid all the other stations for him. Matheson began doing entertainment segments there, and it appeared that he was about to head up WCCO's new "Mid-Morning" show (born out of the cancellation of the "Queen Latifah Show") when he suddenly divorced Channel 4 and reconnected with Channel 9.

My information is that WCCO was not as accommodating as Hubbard Broadcasting was about Matheson's double duty. Then the money got funny at WCCO-TV, where Matheson had neither a contract nor a noncompete, and Matheson got the last laugh by bouncing back to Fox 9.

As one broadcasting executive told me, Matheson knows he'd better make the money while he's a hot property.

Kiss Halden goodbye

Now Fox 9's Tom Halden can stay up past 7 p.m. and maybe talk to his wife, Sarah, a bit before falling asleep.

The early-morning anchor and co-host of the "Buzz" is leaving the TV station where he has worked since 2003 to become director of communications for the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. His last day at 9 is April 10.

Halden's lovely countenance will be missed. Depending on how my segment was edited for airing today you might hear, if not see, me giving the father of four a big kiss on the cheek. I posted photos on Twitter. Halden said that was the second time I've kissed him like that. Didn't I say he was a lovely guy?

One smart Broaddus

KARE11's Adrienne Broaddus is fast on her feet.

With a TV camera in hand and a tripod on her shoulder, the reporter was walking around the IDS Crystal Court looking for the people reportedly passing out fliers about drones being banned in Ely, Wednesday … April Fools' Day.

I asked her which black woman reporter (yes, I can get away with that — deal with it) she was. We've got them at ALL FOUR stations right now — some stations even have more than one!

She claimed to be from a TV station in LA. I was surprised when she knew who I was. I was taken aback again when the L.A. talent added that her station had tried to hire me as its Minnesota-based gossip correspondent.


I told her I never received that phone call and she expressed shock that I had no idea about what she was talking.

Broaddus then identified herself, adding, "April Fools.' " (How hard was that, person who's not the best-looking man in comedy?)

In my defense, because all black people do not look alike to me, Broaddus is wearing her hair in a completely new style. The rascal looks terrific.

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