Jeffrey T. Baker and Alison M. Baker, doing business as E Squared Incorp Inc. and Suppertime USA, 9597 183rd Av. SE., Becker, Minn.,; filed Nov. 14, 07-44198; assets, $394,552; liabilities, $212,548.

Keith Stewart Werner, as surety for Green Gardens Nursery & Landscape Inc., and Diane Helen Reszka, 3445 42nd Av. S., Minneapolis; filed Nov. 14, 07-44200; Chap. 7; no schedules filed.

Lexann T. Pryd-Kakuk, as surety for Market Sense, St. Cloud, Minn.; filed Nov. 14, 07-44203; Chap. 13; assets, $367,242; liabilities, $456,271.

Brent P. Martin, formerly doing business as Lake Country Construction Remodeling, and Jodi L. Martin, 8640 79th St., Annandale; filed Nov. 14, 07-44209; Chap. 7; assets, $8,070; liabilities, $78,452.

Richard James Train, as surety for Minnesota Applied Service Inc., 8433 W. 100th St., Bloomington; filed Nov. 15, 07-44227; Chap. 7; assets, $210,431; liabilities, $202,243.

Kenneth S. Oates Jr. and Chandra M. Oates, formerly doing business as Spotless Cleaning Services, 4008 NE. 2nd St., Columbia Heights; filed Nov. 16, 07-44245; Chap. 7; assets, $216,260; liabilities, $303,756.

Timothy M. Glass, as surety for One Time Corp., doing business as Current Systems Ltd., and Kari D. Glass, 213 126th Lane NW., Coon Rapids; filed Nov. 19, 07-44261; assets, $299,500; liabilities, $1,016,832.

Scott F. Stiller, doing business as Scott Stiller Cabinets, and Cynthia S. Stiller, Cedar, Minn.; filed Nov. 20, 07-44285; Chap. 13; assets, $266,823; liabilities, $295,766.

Timothy A. Jacobs, as surety for Design Group Floral & Theme Inc., and Nancy A. Jacobs, 6525 Rowland Road, Eden Prairie; filed Nov. 20, 07-44286; Chap. 7; assets, $762,508; liabilities, $1,679,743.

Mary K. Bowar-Rausch, as surety for Flowers By Us Inc., Paynesville, Minn.; filed Nov. 20, 07-44296; Chap. 7; assets, $3,421; liabilities, $66,245.

Richard Keith Whinnery, as surety for Surewin, Osceola Sand & Gravel Inc., Town Center Development, Tri-Financial, Maple Tree Properties, Town Center Companies, Florida Group, Custom Crushing & Screening Inc.; Belle Plain Sand & Gravel Inc., Dave Reimer Construction Inc., Reimer Development Corp., River Inn, TRI Holdings, Sandee's of Fridley, Richco Investments Inc. and Town Center Realty, 8124 Kimberly Lane N., Maple Grove; filed Nov. 21, 07-44306; Chap. 7; assets, $606,802; liabilities, $12,538,844.

John L. Van Dyck, as surety for Expedition Development Co. and South Shore Medicine Lake, and Suzanne L. Van Dyck, 1684 Perkins Lane, Maple Grove; filed Nov. 21, 07-44314; Chap. 7; assets, $324,980; liabilities, $989,890.

Randy N. Van Bramer, also known as Randy's Carpet Sales, 1824 41st Av. NE., Columbia Heights; filed Nov. 21, 07-44324; Chap. 7; assets, $238,890; liabilities, $243,641.


Janine Rae Salas, formerly doing business as Poblano's Mexican Restaurant, 4869 253rd St., Wyoming, Minn.; filed Nov. 15, 07-34373; Chap. 7; assets, $133,783; liabilities, $171,183.

Johnny Estuardo Campos, as surety for JEC Remodeling Inc., and All-American Building and Remodeling, 13109 Longview Dr., Burnsville; filed Nov. 16, 07-34400; Chap. 7; assets, $863,550; liabilities, $1,001,600.

Robert L. Roth, formerly doing business as Bob's Quality Eyewear, Winona, Minn., filed Nov. 19, 07-34428; Chap. 7; assets, $222,239; liabilities, $137,851.

Kimberly A. Maas, formerly doing business as KTM Contracting, Faribault, Minn., filed Nov. 20, 07-34449; Chap. 7; assets, $165,229; liabilities, $175,783.

Farid Eli Jiryis and Haifa Abdalla Jiryis, as surety for F. Jiryis Enterprises, doing business as Sinbad Deli and Market, formerly doing business as Tri-mart and Jiryis Tobacco, as surety for Garden City Business Services, 1389 Thistle Lane, Shakopee; filed Nov. 20, 07-34457; Chap. 7; assets, $740,481; liabilities, $1,385,326.