I started an online coaching service to help people get their dream jobs. How do you suggest that I build a better brand name and garner media attention?

Neil Bondre

Founder, The Interview Professional


I want to encourage you to critically examine your brand’s overall value proposition. While brand name is one of the most important outwardly expressions of any brand — along with brand colors, logos and designs — I want you to think about your brand holistically. That is, think about the core service you are offering, what philosophy your brand embodies and the external manifestations of your brand.

As for your core service offering, it seems like you are on the right track. The fact that you have successfully served some top-notch clients is a testimony to your overall service quality. Further, your students have given you amazing reviews for the work you have done with them.

Your bigger challenge is ensuring your brand espouses a philosophy that speaks to multiple client types — the big names as well as those clients who may not fall into that category. The person next door who is looking to use your service must feel confident that she is going to receive the same quality service that your brand offers to the top clients. At the same time, she must also feel comfortable seeking your brand’s help, which requires making your brand approachable and personable.

The third piece of the puzzle is manifesting your brand externally. One of the ways to think about a “household brand name” is to examine the student feedback you have received over time and identify if there are any themes that stand out consistently, since it will give you an idea about what people associate your brand with most. That can be a good place to start as you search for the household brand name.

About the author

Avinash Malshe is an associate professor of marketing at the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business.