Bruce Jenner may be solely at fault for a fatal car wreck he was involved in earlier this month, according to a new report.

Footage from a Los Angeles city bus previously obtained by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has been analyzed, according to TMZ, and shows Jenner “squarely at fault” in hitting two cars that resulted in the death of one of the drivers.

As TheWrap previously reported, the Jenner crash occurred on Malibu’s Pacific Coast Highway and involved four vehicles. The accident pattern as originally described by sheriff’s deputies is as follows: a Prius stopped suddenly on the PCH. The Prius was then hit by a Lexus. Jenner, in an Escalade, then struck the Lexus forcing that car into oncoming traffic where it collided with a Hummer. The Lexus driver, Kim Howe, died at the scene.


The MTA footage, recorded by a camera attached to the Route 534 bus, allegedly shows that Jenner hit the Lexus first, causing Howe to reverse into oncoming traffic, then proceeded on to hit the Prius. The subtle difference could mean trouble for the former Olympian. If he is implicated for causing the crash, it could result in charges.

Attorneys for Jenner have yet to returned TheWrap’s request for comment. The MTA confirmed its release of the tape to the Sheriff’s Department, but would not comment on the content of the tape as it’s an ongoing police investigation. The Sheriff’s Department also declined to comment on an ongoing investigation.


Jenner has been largely silent in the matter, save for reportedly telling police he was being trailed by celebrity photographers when the crash occurred. However, the LASD later determined the photographers were not a factor in the collision.

There’s been intense interest in the former Olympian in recent weeks as he is reportedly transitions from male to female. A portion of an ABC News special with Diane Sawyer on Jenner’s life change has already been taped, TheWrap has learned.

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