In a season like this, why not beer?

The Wolves are sending 120 voting media members publicity packets with "Brewer's Blend" premium coffee -- not beer -- to promote third-year guard Corey Brewer for the league's  Most Improved Player award.

There's a website promoting him featuring product description, customer reviews and John Hollinger's quote of the year:

"Brewer might be the most improved shooter in the league. Or the most improved shooter ever, for that matter."

There's a corny video, too, shot at Caribou Coffee (corporate sponsor, of course) featuring Kurt Rambis as the store manager, Brewer as a "barista" and Wayne Ellington as a glass-cleaning employee.

Wonder if Rambis got paid union scale. He's still a member of the Screen Actor's Guild, you know?

Houston's Aaron Brooks probably will win the thing, but I think I'll have Milwaukee's Andrew Bogut first on my ballot since, to me, MIP is Most Improved, not best new opportunity given.\

Here's the web site: