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A recent tweet by the agent of Orlando Magic player Patricio Garino checked the first box and last box. There was plenty of information involved, but putting it out there quite by accident was not smart.

Per the Orlando Sentinel, this is what the tweet from the agent included (frame grab from the Sentinel as well, with circles on Wolves players added by me):

A picture of his client signing a contract with the Magic for the remainder of the season and next season. There’s just one problem: In the background, there was a dry-erase board that lists possible Magic trade possibilities and free-agent targets. Asked by the Orlando Sentinel for comment, Magic general manager Rob Hennigan said the lists are “not indicative of plans” and were “simply listing options, including some of which other teams have inquired about.

Um, whoops?

Now, to be fair, there are a lot of different players listed under various visible categories, including “hybrid trade,” “hybrid free agency” and “spread bigs trade.” Presumably there are other types of players listed under other categories (point guards, centers, etc.)

The white board list could simply be, as Hennigan said, a long list of potential offseason options. But it is interesting to note that a few Wolves players make an appearance on the parts we can see.

Under hybrid free agents, Lance Stephenson and Omri Casspi — mid-season depth acquisitions by the Wolves this year — show up as possible Orlando targets. Even more interestingly, you see the name of Nemanja Bjelica on a list of trade targets.

That doesn’t necessarily mean anything other than Orlando sees Bjelica as an intriguing asset, though again Hennigan did also say some of the other players on the board were options about which other teams have inquired.

(There’s also a “T. Jones” listed under hybrid free agency, but I presume that means Terrence and not Tyus).

The original tweet, of course, has been deleted. The information and stupidity, though, live on.

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