Best Buy will soon offer a wider selection of hearing aids after a federal ruling this week created a market expansion for devices that don't require a prescription.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued its final rule to allow the sale of over-the-counter hearing aids. These types of hearing devices would be for those with less severe hearing issues and would not require a medical exam, prescription or a fitting by an audiologist.

Best Buy said Wednesday it would offer more hearing devices this fall and create a new customer in-store experience in more than 300 stores for those looking to buy devices.

It will also make available an online hearing assessment tool for customers to determine the severity of their hearing loss.

"Our expansion of the hearing collection and new store experience will let customers easily find a hearing loss solution from brands they trust," said Frank Bedo, category officer of e-commerce and health at Best Buy, in a statement.

For years, the Richfield-based electronics chain has offered hearing solutions such as personal sound amplification products, self-fitting hearing devices, television amplifiers, hearing protection devices and other accessories.

Later this year, the collection will grow to include over-the-counter hearing devices for mild or moderate hearing loss from brands like Lexie Hearing, Nuheara, Jabra Enhance Plus and others.