Patriots coach Bill Belichick reportedly went a profanity-laced tirade during a recent a meeting with NFL officials, blasting them for not wanting to spend the money to put cameras on the goal lines during games to help determine touchdowns on close plays.

He is, of course, correct (and it's rather humorous to picture Belichick, in a hoodie with cutoff sleeves, yelling at a bunch of suits.

The NFL's apparent argument against the cameras is cost, which is ridiculous. Spring for some cameras, NFL. Your commissioner makes more than $40 million a year. You can afford it.

force is strong The Twins are having a Star Wars night May 4 at Target Field and have created a (Phil) "Hughes the Force" bobblehead for it.

class act Dean Smith reportedly left $200 in his will to every letterwinner who played for him at North Carolina to "enjoy a dinner out."