Higher prices at Toyota

Toyota Motor Corp. is raising prices on some U.S. models later this month amid increased worries about profit growth in the American market.

The price increases, to begin in mid-May, include an increase of $200 on the 2008 Yaris sedan, raising the cost of the base model to $12,425, with higher prices for models with extra features. The 2009 Camry will go up $200, to $18,920 for a model without any extras, the automaker's U.S. unit said.

The base hybrid Camry, introduced as a 2007 model in late 2006, will cost $300 more, at $25,650, Toyota said.


More six-speeds from Ford

Ford Motor Co. plans to greatly increase the use of more fuel-efficient six-speed automatic transmissions, doubling their number by the end of next year and putting them in 98 percent of its North American vehicles by 2012.

Ford said the six-speed automatic transmissions offer 4 to 6 percent better fuel economy than four- and five-speed automatics.

The automaker said its 6F35 six-speed transmissions will debut in the 2009-model Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner crossover vehicles, which now have four-speed automatic transmissions.