Here's a sampling of ATM fees from some of the largest banks and credit unions in Minnesota.

Most banks typically charge two fees: 1. An ATM surcharge for a non-bank customer who's using its ATM, and 2. A fee a bank charges its own customer for using an out-of-network ATM (sometimes referred to as a ''foreign fee,'' or ''out-of-network'' fee).

Note that many of the following banks and credit unions belong to ATM-networks that allow free withdrawals at partner machines. Some offer certain accounts that waive ATM fees as well.


Bremer Bank: $2 or $2.50 foreign fee; $2 or $2.50 surcharge.

TCF Bank: $3 foreign fee; $2 surcharge.

U.S. Bank: $2.50 foreign fee; $3 surcharge.

Wells Fargo: $2.50 foreign fee; $3 surcharge.

Credit unions

Hiway Federal Credit Union: 12 free non-Hiway withdrawals per month, then $1 foreign fee; $2 surcharge.

U.S. Federal Credit Union: 5 free non-U.S. Fed withdrawals per month, then $1 foreign fee; $1.50 or $2 surcharge depending on the ATM location.

Wings Financial: 15 free non-Wings ATM transactions per month, then $1 foreign fee; $2.50 surcharge.