We really went out on a limb today on Page 2, suggesting Kevin Love will make somewhere between one and 10 All-Star appearances. The bigger point was that the Wolves' track record of All-Stars isn't all that great ...

Kevin Love is the fifth Wolves player to make an All-Star team in franchise history. One, of course, was Kevin Garnett — who made it 10 times with Minnesota and played with the other three All-Stars. Those three players defined different eras in the franchise’s history. They also made only one All-Star team each with the Wolves:

Tom Gugliotta (1997) — Most people remember KG and Stephon Marbury from the 1996-97 Wolves, the first team in franchise history to make the playoffs. But “Googs” averaged more than 20 points per game on that squad and joined Garnett, making his first All-Star appearance, at the celebrated game.

Wally Szczerbiak (2002) — A representative of the “one-and-done” playoff era of the Wolves, Szczerbiak was a one-time All-Star.

Sam Cassell (2004) — The glory year. And, you know, the time before Cassell (quickly) wore out his welcome.

Our question this afternoon, as we turn to things that are not the Super Bowl, is this: What type of player do you think Love is -- a one-hit wonder, a guy who will make a few appearances, or a guy destined for a whole bunch during his career?

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