• Q Had there been a history of threats by Andrew Engledinger in the workplace?

    A We have no information that Engeldinger threatened others at the business in the time leading up the shootings.

  • Q Did Engeldinger have prior contact with MPD?

    A The only prior contacts MPD had with Engeldinger were three property crimes cases between 2005 and 2011 in which Engeldinger was listed as the victim (damage to motor vehicle, auto theft and theft from auto).

  • Q What happened during the workday before the shooting?

    A Thursday, September 27 was a normal workday in the hours leading up to the shooting. Engeldinger was at work in the business. The decision had been made by management that he would be terminated at the end of the day because of continued poor performance and lateness. At the conclusion of the workday, Engeldinger was asked to come to a meeting in the office of John Souter. Prior to going to Souter’s office, Engeldinger left the building, went to his car, and then returned to meet with John Souter and Rami Cooks.

  • Q Was there a history of workplace conflict with Engeldinger?

    A During the course of his employment, managers had counseled Engeldinger about his performance and lateness. The week prior to the shooting, Engeldinger had been reprimanded in writing. He was told at that time that his performance must improve immediately or he would be terminated.

  • Q What kind of gun was Engeldinger armed with?

    A Engeldinger was armed with a Glock 9mm. He carried 2 magazines which were not extended. There were also loose rounds of ammunition recovered indicating that Engeldinger carried some additional rounds with him beyond what was loaded into the magazines.

  • Q Were any guns found in the search at Engeldinger’s home?

    A Another Glock 9mm handgun was recovered (loaded) from the home. In addition, there were spare Glock magazines, several boxes of ammunitions, an ankle holster, two gun cases, targets, gun cleaning supplies, permit to carry application materials, certification of completion for concealed carry training and empty shipping boxes that could have delivered approximately 10,000 rounds of ammunition.

  • Q Were the guns purchased legally?

    A Yes.

  • Q Did Engeldinger practice shooting?

    A Engeldinger was reported to have practiced at the Burnsville Rifle & Pistol Range.

  • Q Did Engeldinger have a permit to carry?

    A The law does not allow for the release of information concerning whether or not a person has a permit to carry.

  • Q When will the investigative information be available to the public?

    A Because the offender is deceased, there will be no criminal court proceedings; therefore, at the conclusion of the investigation, all information deemed public under the MN data practices statute will be available. (Charges may apply.) Requests for case materials will be filled in the order they are received and may be made electronically here

Source: Minneapolis Police Department