Think you’ve tried everything when it comes to storage? Even if you’ve gotten close, the answer to a truly organized home may be just around the corner. Check out these five creative solutions to help you think outside of the plastic storage box.

1. Hide secret cupboards.

By now, we know all about the benefits of wall storage. But what if you don’t want to lose any wall space? Do it yourself and install some shallow shelving behind your existing paintings and mirrors. Simply remove your wall hangings, place thin shelves where you would like them to go and attach hinges between the shelves and your artwork. The result should be a secret storage space that functions like a medicine cabinet. This is a great way to conceal valuables and important documents.

2. Install trap doors.

Embrace your inner bootlegger and install some trapdoors in your home. They’re relatively easy to build and have endless storage applications. Use trapdoors to hide unsightly cleaning supplies, or as a way to tuck away tangled electronics. Try tapping into the spirit of the prohibition era and use your trapdoor storage as a wine cellar. These nifty hideaways don’t take up any extra space in your home. But if you’re worried about disrupting your floor design, tuck them away inside closets or beneath furniture. No matter what, this unusual storage option is sure to be a great conversation starter.

3. Build hidden drawers.

More drawers means more storage. But after a while, it can be difficult to find places to install them. Luckily, there are several subtle locations to choose from when it comes time to build drawers into your home. Add drawers inside of your banquette benches, for instance, and pull them out on sliders. Or, let your fireplace mantel pull double duty by placing a drawer beneath the lip. Do you have exposed stairs? Don’t waste space. Get seamless cabinets installed beneath the steps.

4. Embrace sliding doors.

Sliding doors are your best friend when it comes to storage. You can get them in large or small sizes to fit your needs, making it simple to conceal just about anything. Use small sliding barn doors to camouflage cluttered shelving units and eyesore entertainment centers. Or hide entire rooms by stationing sleek designs in front of messy pantries, laundry rooms and children’s areas.

5. Utilize your furniture.

Your furniture is already taking up space, so let it work for you. There are many dual-purpose furnishings available on the market these days, offering storage in everything from bed frames to benches. Consider investing in a headboard with cabinets and shelving, where you can store towels, sheets and pillowcases. If you have a lot of remotes or coasters lying about, look into purchasing a hollowed-out ottoman, which can serve as a footrest and container. Making your furniture multi-task is a painless and underutilized way to free up space around your home.