"#EatMeatLess" by the Jane Goodall Foundation

Jane Goodall reminds us that choosing to eat differently doesn't have to mean big changes. Small steps can make a difference to the planet — and to our health. Bonus: All 75-plus recipes were developed by local chef/author Robin Asbell. (Weldon Owen, 2021, $35)

"Cool Beans" by Joe Yonan

This delightful book landed on many "best" lists last year for good reason. Come for the eclectic recipes, from pastas to Coconut Bean Cream Pie, and stay for the knowledge and humor — the "musical" qualities of beans are addressed, too. (Ten Speed Press, 2020, $30)

"The Complete Plant-Based Cookbook" by America's Test Kitchen

An exhaustive but approachable primer for those looking for a "flexible" diet. Chock-full of tips, you can dive into the science of plant-based cooking or just sit back and enjoy the 500 recipes. (America's Test Kitchen, 2020, $35)

"Vegetable Kingdom" by Bryant Terry

The chef/activist's latest book, inspired by his daughters, is part cooking class, part soundtrack and all delicious. Cleverly organized by how the plant is eaten (seeds, bulbs, flowers, tubers, etc.), recipes are fused with Afro-Asian flavors. (Ten Speed Press, 2020, $30)