3M Co. has sued a New York-based online retailer whose website responds to searches for 3M's trademarked Post-it notes with other competing brands.

The suit, filed in federal court in Minnesota, accuses Ellison Systems Inc. and its website, Shoplet.com, with trademark infringement, unfair competition and deceitful trade practices.

The suit says that when a Shoplet website customer uses the Post-it name to search for products, notes made by Universal, a 3M competitor, are displayed under the Post-it mark as "featured" products. Several other manufacturers are listed on the left side of the page.

"3M's Post-it products often are not included anywhere on the first page of results," the suit said.

The suit asks for a court order prohibiting Ellison and Shoplet from improperly using the Post-it name and for unspecified damages, including any profits Ellison may have received by using the practice.

Representatives of Ellison could not be reached for comment Friday.