Local filmmakers Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine, whose work is the basis of "The Perennial Plate" on the Web, spoke at last week's MAD food symposium in Denmark, where they showed their favorite episodes. Klein offers his notes from the event at the Taste blog, startribune.com/tabletalk. An excerpt:

"For those unfamiliar, 'mad' means 'food' in Danish and for the last three years, René Redzepi and his team at Noma [in Copenhagen], the formerly heralded 'best restaurant in the world' (recently placed as the second best) have been putting on the culinary conference. It's a 'for cooks, by cooks' event, so no demos, no big sponsors, no paying hand and foot for bite-sized portions from different restaurants. You come to MAD to learn and to eat.

"We were reminded, time and time again, of the kindness, generosity and community created by Noma and the people from whence it came. They made us feel a part of the family,'' writes Klein.

You can read more about the filmmakers of "The Perennial Plate" at startribune.com/taste and at www.theperennialplate.com.