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The Hunt Down

Name: Scott Klingenbeck, Kimera Bartee
Claims to Fame, Minnesota: were the fruits of the Scott Erickson-to-Baltimore trade bounty in 1995. Bartee never played for the Twins, as the Orioles reacquired him in the Rule V draft that winter. Klingenbeck pitched in 28 games for Minnesota in 1995 and 1996, starting 7 of them and finishing his Twins career with an 8.30 ERA. Much like the “Spahn, Sain and pray for rain” quote about the legendary Boston Braves pitchers, Klingenbeck and fellow starter Scott Aldred inspired my less-renowned “Klingenbeck and Aldred and hey now THERE’S SO MUCH BLOOD OH NO” saying. 
Claims to Fame, Everywhere Else: Bartee spent the better part of his major league career with the Tigers, and has the distinction of being traded straight-up for Chone Figgins back when Chone Figgins was good and Bartee had 15 MLB at-bats left in him. Ended up working in the Pirates organization and managing the State College Spikes of bucolic State College, Pennsylvania, where nothing bad ever happens. Klingenbeck was an Ohio State product who made the Orioles after just two years in the minors.

Where He Is Now: Barteeleft the Spikes after the 2011 season and works as an outfield/baserunning coach in the Pirates’ minor league system. Klingenbeck, a Cincinnati native, appears to have been the owner of the Cincinnati-based Hot Wings Sports Café, which is apparently closed, but per this lone Yelp review had “standard bar fare and all sorts of drinks.”
Are They on Twitter: no.
Have They Been in a Twitter Fight with Patrick Reusse: no. But Bartee contributed to Uncle Pat giving Terry Ryan a seat at the table for the 1996 Turkey of the Year Banquet.
Glorious Randomness: Skyline Chili, the much-loved culinary delight found in Cincinnati, is chili on top of spaghetti noodles. I don’t understand.

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