Sims, Mike Mictlan, P.O.S. and Dessa performed to fans of all ages at Doomtree's 2011 Blowout. / Photo by Leslie Plesser

Sims, Mike Mictlan, P.O.S. and Dessa performed to fans of all ages at Doomtree's 2011 Blowout. / Photos by Leslie Plesser

Doomtree didn’t forget about you, kids. As promised last week, the seven-member hip-hop collective added an all-ages gig to its run of Blowout 9 concerts. The show for teens is scheduled Thursday, Dec. 12, at the Triple Rock, and thus it will mark the kick-off to the long weekend of performances -- when the Doomtreers will be at their freshest (and probably soberest, too). Tickets went on sale right away at 11 a.m. today for $15, so act fast. First Ave was already booked that night with a show only us old farts are excited about, the Breeders.

Speaking of the older fans, you’d better jump on tickets to the Dec. 13-15 shows at First Ave if you haven’t already. Tickets for the Friday and Saturday gigs are sold-out as well as the three-day passes, and the Sunday tickets will probably also be gone soon.

Meanwhile, Doomtree's deal-seeking tour planner Dessa continues to crisscross the country on her solo tour with her band behind this year's "Parts of Speech" album -- and she's getting a little support from the folks at Clif Bar to make her tour more eco-friendly. She has been awarded one of Clif Bar's GreenNotes grants, which are given out to touring musicians to encourage environmentalist tour practices. Past winners have included Josh Ritter and Ingrid Michaelson.

To live up to the grant, Dessa promises to start selling at least one organic T-shirt at her stands, to reduce the carbon emissions from their tour van and to eat at least one locally sourced meal in each city on her tour (which might not be difficult in, say, Portland, but what about Jackson or Pensacola?).

Dessa said in a statement about the grant:

"This year I’ve spent more time on the road than ever before. All of a sudden touring isn’t a break from my real life—it has become my real life. And we’re trying to find ways to be a little more deliberate as we’re driving coast to coast. I want to better align my ideas with the way I spend my time and money on the road. I fully expect this next run to be a challenge—I know we are not swearing off fast-food forever, and I’m going to have to tape my new reusable water to my leg to avoid losing the thing. But I’m excited to find ways to put my money and my actions where my mouth is.”


She and the band will document their efforts and report back once touring winds down.

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