Five days ago, when the Vikings defeated the Lions on Thanksgiving, the day carried far more significance for one Minnesota player.

Star defensive end Everson Griffen and his wife Tiffany had a son born that day (Griffen watched the birth via FaceTime from Detroit), and you might recall he wore a white shirt under his jersey — which he pulled out mid-game for millions of viewers to see — that read: “I just had a baby boy. What should we name him?

All sorts of suggestions poured in, of course — including one from a friend of mine who suggested the newborn should be named “Teddy Bridgewater Griffen.” Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph suggested “Rudy Griffen,” while coach Mike Zimmer said “definitely not Mike.”

Well, if you’ve been waiting in suspense to find out what the actual name of Griffen’s third child is, worry no longer. Appearing on NFL Total Access on Monday, Griffen revealed the name:


JUST KIDDING, though that’s what Griffen said originally on the program before revealing the real name:

Mike Zimmer Griffen.

NOPE, STILL NOT SERIOUS, though that was Griffen’s second joke. OK, now for the real name:

Sebastian Gregory Griffen. And that’s the truth. You can watch the 90-second clip below, which includes a photo of the newborn Sebastian.

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