Vikings coach Mike Zimmer found time to get home Monday night, but not before stopping for a late meal at McDonald’s. The only problem was, his order was a burger short.

“I did go home last night for a little bit and I went to McDonald’s on the way home ’cause I was hungry and I ordered two cheeseburgers and only got one,” Zimmer said. “That’s the kind of week it’s been.”

The media got a good laugh out of Zimmer’s comments, but he wasn’t done. When asked if he didn’t play the “You know who I am?” card, he responded “They probably did. That’s why I got one.”

The Vikings were beat up by Seattle 38-7 last Sunday, and in preparation of a short week and Thursday’s game at Arizona, Zimmer was at Winter Park all Sunday night into Monday morning.

Before adding some humor into Tuesday’s press conference, Zimmer praised Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer. The two spent time together at Cincinnati before Palmer’s departure.

“He’s always been a good player, but I’ve never seen him play this well,” Zimmer said. ” They talk about MVP caliber guys and he really should be in the talk ’cause he’s throwing the heck out of the ball. They do a great job offensively, defensively they’re very talented and fast. Special teams [is good]. That’s probably why they’re 10-2.

“The big thing right now is Carson is playing unbelievable, MVP level. And I’m not just saying that ’cause we’re playing them this week. It’s not media talk. It’s true. He’s firing the ball like you wouldn’t believe. I wish he would have done that when I was with him in Cincinnati.”

Zimmer said he’s played in a Thursday night game almost every year he’s been in the league and it’s a grind on everyone involved.

“If it was up to me, [the games] would be on Fridays, but it is what it is,” Zimmer said. “Everybody has to do it. I was in Dallas for 13 years, so I had 13 Thursday games, so I think I’ve had a Thursday game almost every year I’ve coached.”

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