Which of these vehicles is not like the other?

Yes, that's a pedal pub vehicle amid the sedans in the city’s impound lot in Bassett Creek valley.

The vehicle was hauled there in the early hours of June 25 after a car slammed into it on the Hennepin Avenue Bridge, according to police. Now it’s evidence, while the driver of the car faces six charges of criminal vehicular operation.

“It’s put a small hiccup in our normal operations,” said Lisa Staplin, general manager for Pedal Pub Twin Cities.  The 11-vehicle operation had to shift one of its portable drinking vehicles, which cost about $35,000, from St. Paul to Minneapolis to offset the impoundment of the vehicle in the crash.

That shift means the business had to discontinue one of its two St. Paul routes. It normally keeps all but two of its Twin Cities vehicles in Minneapolis, where demand for the ability to drink while pedaling apparently is higher.

Police spokesman John Elder said it’s possible that the pedal pub could be held until the disposition of the charges in court.  But he said that it’s also possible the vehicle could get a three-dimensional scan and other documentation and be released before then.