Bad news or good news? The Oct. 9 headline was "I-94 commuters to yield space for bus lane's return." Yes, cars will be squeezed into three lanes rather than four and will be slowed down. But we regular Minneapolis-St. Paul bus commuters are very happy. We formerly had the "transit advantage" of using a designated bus lane. The lane was opened to all traffic during the Interstate 35W bridge reconstruction. We joined the gridlock. Many of us missed our connecting buses to go home, extending our regular commuting time by up to an hour. Now we will once again be able to speed along, looking down at gridlock. I hope that some of those drivers will try joining us on the bus: It's faster and cheaper than driving and is much less stressful. Imagine reading the Star Tribune during your commute, writing your grocery list, or gazing out the window. The Mississippi is beautiful right now.