Police in Wyoming, Minn., of late have been feeling a bit more like shepherds than cops.

For the third time in the past several weeks, Wyoming officers, staffers and investigators on Monday had to corral wayward donkeys from a hobby farm just across the road from the police department. Usually it’s just a lone stray.

But six donkeys got out of their fenced area Monday morning and headed over to the cop shop.

“The donkeys were kind enough to let us know they had escaped by coming over to our parking lot,” said Police Chief Paul Hoppe.

To reach the police, the donkeys had to cross Chisago County Road 22 with its 55-mph speed limit. So Hoppe was relieved that neither animals or humans were injured.

Officers noticed the donkeys about 10 a.m., which led to a herding effort that took about a half-hour to get them back across the road to the hobby farm. They concentrated on directing the most stubborn donkey and the rest followed, said Hoppe.

“You know how donkeys are,” he said.

Officers will be chatting with the hobby farm owner to make sure the donkeys stay corralled.

Hoppe joked that the department’s officers had found the police call entertaining and that it was the glamorous part of the job most people don’t hear about.