Kidney for patient's transplant put in trash

A nurse accidentally disposed of a kidney from a living donor this month at an Ohio hospital, and doctors tried unsuccessfully for at least two hours to resuscitate the organ in what medical experts describe as a rare accident. One of the doctors involved told Dr. David Grossman, a Toledo-Lucas County health commissioner, that a nurse disposed of the kidney improperly. Two nurses at the University of Toledo Medical Center have been placed on paid administrative leave while the hospital reviews what happened.


Grizzly bear kills hiker in Denali National Park

A grizzly bear has killed a hiker at Denali National Park -- the first fatal attack in the park's history. Denali Park officials said the hiker was backpacking alone along the Toklat River on Friday when he was attacked. Rangers are attempting to retrieve the hiker's remains and attempt to locate the bear.


Hollande hails Greeks' 'painful efforts'

President Francois Hollande gave the new Greek prime minister some reassurance in a meeting in Paris, expressing his commitment to keeping Greece in the eurozone. "For me, the question should no longer be asked," Hollande said after meeting Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, who took over in mid-June. Like Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, whom Samaras met on Friday, Hollande said that the new Greek government "must demonstrate the credibility of its program and the willingness of its leaders to go all out."


China denies forcing refugees to Myanmar

The Chinese foreign ministry is denying reports that China is forcing ethnic Kachin refugees to return to a war zone in Myanmar, saying that the people are going of their own accord. The ministry also said that many of the Kachin who had arrived recently on the China side were not refugees.


Mexico probes why cops fired at U.S. car

Mexican authorities are trying to sort out why a U.S. Embassy vehicle was ambushed by federal police on a rural road in mountains south of the capital, leaving two U.S. government workers wounded. Officials from both nations said federal officers were chasing criminals Friday when bullets were fired at the embassy SUV carrying the two employees and a Mexican Navy captain. The Mexico attorney general's office confirmed that all were federal police units.


Dozens of bodies found near Damascus

Dozens of bodies were found in a town outside Damascus that has been the focus of what activists described as a scorched-earth campaign by Syrian troops aiming to wipe out rebels and their sympathizers in several suburbs of the capital. Forty to 50 bodies were found in the town of Daraya, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based group with a network of activists inside Syria.