A Metro Transit driver pleaded guilty to exposing himself to a pregnant 16-year-old passenger and trying to coax her into a sex act on his bus with $100 and a cellphone.

Mahmud D. Aden, 33, of Minneapolis, entered his plea Friday in Hennepin County District Court and on April 8 will be given an expected stayed sentence of a year and a day plus 90 days in the workhouse, according to County Attorney Mike Freeman. Aden will then be on probation for five years.

According to prosecutors:

Well after dark on Oct. 5, the girl boarded a southbound No. 7 bus near the 46th Streetlight rail station in Minneapolis. When the expectant mother pulled the cord wanting to get off at the next stop, but Aden kept driving south to the end of his route at 34th Avenue S. and Hwy. 62.

Aden then offered her the money and cellphone if she would perform oral sex on him, and she refused. Aden then turned off the bus lights and exposed himself to her.

Eventually, after repeatedly rejecting Aden, he turned the lights back on and drove her to her stop. Her 20 minutes on the bus was over.

Transit police corroborated the teen's account with video recorded along the bus route, and the crime quickly cost Aden his job with Metro Transit.