There is a new book maybe best picked up every day of the new year.

Author Marty Crump, a herpetologist and biology professor, has assembled a quirky, interesting almanac that sees nature in everything, be it music, art, literature, the regular in our everyday lives.

Many entries pivot on a poem or writing that Crump uses to introduce the author, sure, but more so examine some broader theme relative to the words and the date. Regarding the anniversary of National Walking Day in April, for example, she leads with a quote from Henry David Thoreau, who needed four hours a day of walking to open him to put pen to paper. What’s more, Crump goes on, is Thoreau’s foresight all those years ago to the private threat to public lands so prevalent today.

“A Year with Nature” is an almanac that could hold up in any year. Crump eloquently punctuates the year with her entry for Dec. 31 — her take on resolutions, and the prospect of new beginnings. “What if we all resolve to reaffirm our respect for life; appreciate the beauty and wonder of landscapes and the forces of nature; spend more time outside; and share our love of nature with others? Perhaps the other resolutions would come naturally.”