Definition: “The fraudulent practice of sending e-mails ostensibly from a known or trusted sender in order to induce targeted individuals to reveal confidential information.” It comes from computer code that looks like this: <>< See?

Sample usage: “I thought I was resetting my bank account information, but turns out it was someone spear-phishing for my Social Security number. I should have been suspicious because I don’t bank at Walls Fergo.”

Popularity: It’s mainly confined to IT security types, but don’t let that stop you from slinging elite tech lingo. Just don’t fall for it. If you’ve gotten an e-mail from Apple Email with the subject line “Youre account is frozan” and clicked on the link, you were whisked off to a site selling Mexican Viagra or Genuine Prada handbags. Sure, you can have my credit card! I admire your clever bit of subterfuge.




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