A 30-year-old woman was charged Tuesday with fatally stabbing another woman outside a Little Canada home soon after smoking methamphetamine.

Clarissa J. Martin was charged in Ramsey County District Court with second-degree murder in connection with the death Sunday night of Shayna M. Fairbanks, 31, of Minneapolis. Martin remains jailed in lieu of $500,000 bail ahead of a court appearance Wednesday.

Fairbanks was stabbed numerous times in the head, neck, chest and elsewhere, according to the autopsy.

According to the charges:

Martin left her in-laws’ home in the 100 block of Yorkton Ridge, where she lives with her husband and their baby. She left in her husband’s car for Minneapolis to get baby food.

She returned while Fairbanks waited outside. Martin’s husband told her his parents did not want any friends at the home.

Martin went back outside, and her husband called her but she abruptly hung up. Martin then went back in the home and “had blood all over her,” the criminal complaint read.

She told her husband that she stabbed Fairbanks in self-defense. He noticed that Martin was bleeding from a wound on her right arm.

The husband saw his car was still running in the drive and had blood on the passenger seat. A wounded Fairbanks was partly in the back seat of Martin’s car, which was parked out front on the street. Investigators believe Fairbanks had been dragged from one car to the other.

The husband went back in the home, called 911 and removed a knife from Martin’s hand.

Deputies arrived and were told by the husband that Martin has been addicted to prescription pain medication for the past three to four years.

“I don’t know how many times I stabbed her,” she said, while in an ambulance heading to the hospital. She also admitted taking a highly addictive painkiller in the past 24 hours and smoking meth an hour before the stabbing.