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CP: Time to count our blessings, make some lumpy gravy, push “mute” on holiday TV commercials and tell those who are listening about some of the many things we love.


RN: I don’t make lumpy gravy. But, whatever.


CP: I find myself in a mild, lingering depression after finishing the final season of “Wallander,” the Swedish detective series based on the Henning Mankell books. As the title character, Krister Henriksson is wonderfully understated, delightfully flawed and entirely addictive. So unlike American counterparts in the genre. Plus, I have picked up some rudimentary Swedish.


RN: Since it’s not airing stateside until January, I’m grateful to the fast-thinking Brits who have posted episodes of the final season of “Downton Abbey” on YouTube. Spoiler alert: Crawley sisters Lady Mary and Lady Edith are still hissing at each other, and look fabulous while doing so.


CP: While we’re on returning series, I have marked Dec. 4 on my calendar. That’s when “Transparent” Season 2 launches, and I think to myself, who needs to sleep?


RN: I’m thankful that James Sewell Ballet is taking on the laugh riot that is choreographer Myron Johnson’s “Nutcracker (not so) Suite,” and that the brilliant Kevin McCormick is stepping back into his high heels and reviving the pivotal role of Momma. It opens Dec. 4 at the Cowles, and I can’t wait.


CP: Even though Ron Howard directed, I look forward to “In the Heart of the Sea,” a harrowing man-vs.-whale movie based on Nathan Philbrick’s page-turner of the same name.


RN: I’m also thankful for the late Bruce Dayton’s extraordinary legacy of generosity and civic responsibility. He’s a big reason why the term “Cold Omaha” didn’t stick to Minneapolis.


CP: Amen. And we are glad about the news that the downtown flagship formerly known as Dayton’s appears on a path to renovation and re-use, right?


RN: Here’s hoping.


CP: Let’s speed up, or we’ll never finish. Hoppy IPAs.


RN: The sight of my husband, as I walk through the door after a long day at the plant.


CP: Awww. “Fun Home,” the captivating graphic novel by Alison Bechdel. Quirk meets heart equals wonderful. And then, somewhat oddly, it becomes a hit Broadway musical.


RN: “Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant,” by Roz Chast. I cried. I laughed, uncontrollably.


CP: Lee Daniels’ melody-drama “Empire” series.


RN: The flatiron steak at Eastside. The canelés at Patisserie 46. The cheeseburger at Constantine.


CP: “Respect,” the juicy Aretha Franklin bio, just out in paper. RN: REI’s decision to skip the whole Black Friday brouhaha.


CP: My long-standing decision to do likewise.


RN: Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday.


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