Anyone who thinks Apple products never go on sale isn't shopping around. OK, maybe the Apple stores don't discount them, but authorized retailers do, and Apple stores will match those offers*.

This week, for example, Best Buy is discounting nearly all of the newest Apple laptops and notebooks, including the newest iMacs, MacBook Pros, and MacBook Airs. The discount offer is advertised on the website but not in the Sunday flier. The savings on most of the computers is between $50 and $110. For example, the 13-inch MacBook Air 4GB (regularly $1,499.99) is discounted $75 through Saturday, July 14. The positively reviewed MacBook Pro 8GB with retina display is discounted $110 to $2,089.99, regularly $2,199.99.

Last year the best discount on the MacBook Air on the day the new one was released was $49, said Louis Ramirez, senior features writer at Dealnews.

Ramirez said the Best Buy deal beats Amazon, Macmall, B&H and JR.

A shopper could wait until the refurbished models come out on Apple's site, but that could be months and a person will have to be quick to grab one.

*Apple stores request that you bring in an ad or a printout to show the sale price (which must be current). The item must also be in stock, which Apple will verify via a phone call. Sounds a lot like Best Buy's price match policy.