U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann is well known in New Hampshire but knowledge is not making voters flock to her, according to a new poll.

The Minnesota congresswoman and Republican presidential candidate attracted just 3 percent of likely Republican voters in the early primary state, the poll from the Institute of Politics at Harvard University and the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College found.

Bachmann campaigning in New Hampshire

Bachmann campaigning in New Hampshire

Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney was by far and away  most popular choice in the Republican field with support from 38 percent of the likely voters. Herman Cain got support from 20 percent of Ron Paul got 13 percent. Texas Gov. Rick Perry and everyone else in the poll attracted support in the single digits.

The poll also tested name recognition among the candidates and found Romney and Paul, who ran for president in 2008, before had 96 and 93 percent name id. But they were closely followed by Bachmann, who had 90 percent name recognition.

But slightly more people said they had a negative view of Bachmann than a positive one. Her favorable rating was 44 percent and her unfavorable rating was 46 percent.

Those differences are within the poll's margin of error but are in sharp contrast to Romney and Paul's favorable ratings. Romney was viewed favorably by 75 percent of those polled and Paul was viewed favorably by 57 percent.

Bachmann has spent the past several days campaigning in New Hampshire in the lead up to a Tuesday night Bloomberg/Washington Post debate at Dartmouth College.

Despite the high Romney numbers, the poll found that few voters said they would "definitely" vote for him. Here are the full poll results, with the "definitely voting" numbers following the overall support:

            Mitt Romney              38% (10% “definitely voting”)
            Herman Cain              20% (6% “definitely voting”)
            Ron Paul                    13% (4% “definitely voting”)
            Newt Gingrich              5% (1% “definitely voting”)
            Jon Huntsman             4% (2% “definitely voting”)
            Rick Perry                   4% (1% “definitely voting”)
            Michele Bachmann      3% (<1% “definitely voting”)
            Gary Johnson               1% (<1% “definitely voting”)
            Rick Santorum             1% (<1% “definitely voting”)