There always are robins spending the winter here, in the metro area. Wayzata has had a flock of maybe three dozen loyal to the city for the past several years. They move around, of course, but if you want to see a robin in winter — a robin eating fish — check behind the bait store located in the strip of stores on Wayzata Blvd., which there is the service road on the north side of I-394 as it enters town. I first found the birds there two years ago, surprised at their diet. They were there two days ago. They eat — perhaps live on — the dead minnows tossed behind the store each morning as the minnow tanks are cleaned. People ask how that sign of spring can make it through the winter without worms. The bird’s diet obviously is varied enough to include fish. Are these birds returning to a known food source or are new birds making the discovery each year? Most likely the former.