The rumors were true.

Winona Ryder confirmed Wednesday that she did indeed shoot a Super Bowl commercial earlier this month in Minnesota.

"It was supposed to be kind of a secret, but try that in Winona, Minn.," said the actress who was born in Winona and lived in the Twin Cities in the '90s when she was dating Soul Asylum's Dave Pirner. "That’s just crazy. I lived there for a couple years in my 20s and nobody wrote about it."

Ryder didn't have a chance to see her former boyfriend, who she remains close to, during the fast-paced visit that also included taping at one of the Mickey's Diner locations in St. Paul and a bowling alley, the name of which she couldn't remember.

Ryder was participating in the Television Critics Association press tour, promoting the upcoming miniseries, "The Plot Against America." The project is based on Philip Roth's novel that imagines what would have happened if Charles Lindbergh, another well-known personality that spent part of his childhood in Minnesota, had wound up as President of the United States.

Ryder had mostly good memories of the time she has spent in Minneapolis.

"It's such a great town in so many ways," she said.