Teutonic Willamette Valley Red Wine 2017

Red blends and rosés are perhaps the two hottest categories in the wine world, so maybe it’s time for a red-white blend that looks like a rosé. The Teutonic Willamette Valley Red Wine 2017 ($20) is 80 percent gewürztraminer, 20 percent pinot noir and 100 percent springtime refreshment. Fantastic florals dominate the nose, augmented by some stone fruit, but on the palate it’s more of a red-berry-and-spice delight, invigorating from midpalate through the lengthy finish. This dark-pink beauty comes from a Portland-based winery that focuses on German grapes from Oregon soil, to marvelous effect. Fish tacos, or anything from the ocean, and spring salads make for marvelous accompaniment.

Available at Henry & Son, the Wine Shop, Lake Wine & Spirits, South Lyndale, Stinson, France 44, Big Top/ Sid’s Discount Liquors.

Bill Ward