Marani Friends Wine Mtsvane Kakheti 2016

Perhaps the best part of globalization, at least for wine enthusiasts, is the increasing availability of bottles from places like the Republic of Georgia. The Marani Friends Wine Mtsvane Kakheti 2016 ($16) is one of those wines I could smell for days without sipping. But as alluringly floral as the nose on this pristine white is, the citrus and stone-fruit flavors are every bit as rewarding. And with the spot-on interplay between the ripe fruit and mouthwatering minerality all the way through a near-endless finish, this gem is the picture of harmony. While I usually prefer a lighter red with roast chicken, this wine would do very nicely there, and perhaps even better with fried chicken, fish or calamari.

Available at North Loop, Solo Vino and Stinson.

Bill Ward