2015 Maryhill Rosé of Sangiovese

It's rosé season. Not because spring is nigh, but because this is a day that ends in "y." Yes, any day of the year is a good time to sip the likes of the 2015 Maryhill Rosé of Sangiovese ($13). It's a lovely color, offers up an even lovelier nose and then brings trademark cheery/berry flavors with a touch of peach. It dances deftly on the sweet/dry spectrum, and the finish is long and mouthwatering. A portion of the proceeds from each bottle goes to a charity fighting hunger and poverty. Try this pink beauty with seafood of any ilk, Easter ham or mildly spicy Asian dishes.

Available at Cub Stillwater, Falls Liquor, Liquor Works, Sentyrz, Tonka Bottle Shop and others.