As many strides as U.S. and other vintners have made of late, it's hard to argue with the notion that the best rosés still come from Provence. Certainly the 2014 Le Charmel Cotes de Provence Rosé ($15) provides ample evidence, starting with as alluring a nose as one could find. The flavors follow suit, with lovely red berries dominating, dancing with the beautifully persistent crispness and focus. The finish is glorious, the temptation to quickly come back for more made easier by the low alcohol (12.5 percent). This pink blend (30 percent each syrah and cinsault, 20 percent mourvèdre and 10 each rolle — also known as vermentino — and grenache) is made for patios and picnics, where sandwiches and fish or fowl dishes will find an apt accompaniment.

Available at Stinson, the Wine Shop, 1st Grand and Solo Vino.