Back when I used to drink a lot of beer, I loved the "tall boy" 16-ounce cans. But I certainly never expected to see wine sold that way. Maybe that's why the Field Recordings Red ($10) is called "Fiction." Here's the truth: This tasty blend of zinfandel, tempranillo, mourvèdre, grenache, syrah and touriga nacional delivers big, hearty, tasty waves of dark-fruit flavors, with some cherry on top. The mouthfeel and finish alternate between chunky and smooth. Try it with burgers, brats, pizza and other everyday food. And keep in mind that you'd be drinking almost three glasses if you consume the whole can; good thing it's worth sharing.

Available at Liquor Barrel Golden Valley, 1st Grand, Century, Elevated, Princeton, Fridley and Richfield munis, Sentyrz, Jennings and others.