Steve Harvey must be exhaling a huge sigh of relief.

The Mistake Read Around the World -- in which Warren Beatty apparently got the wrong envelope that revealed Oscar's best picture -- is sure to go down as one of biggest blunders in Hollywood history, overshadowing any missteps taken at any trivial beauty pageant.

Let's just hope the moment -- unfortunate and hilarious at the same time -- doesn't overshadow "Moonlight's" accomplishments. The upset over heavy favorite "La La Land" -- the biggest since "Crash" stunned "Brokeback Mountain" fans in 2006 -- has elevated Barry Jenkins to the A-list, if he wasn't there already, and proves that an Oscar winner can be about African Americans without a storyline that revolves around slavery or civil-rights history. The worst thing that could happen is that people play the moment over and over again on YouTube instead of rushing out to see the film in theaters.

And to think: I was about to say that seeing Faye Dunaway and Beatty walk out to together was one of the evening's sweetest moments. That memory is already tainted, athough I'll bet Bonnie and Clyde would have loved it.