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Journalists crave access, because access leads to news, context, insights and atmosphere.

Or not.

Sometimes, as was the case this morning, everyone is going through the motions. When we entered the Wild lockerroom we knew that nobody would have much to say when an elimination game was set to be played later that night.

Thanks to Wild defenseman Nate Prosser for packing all of the expected cliches into one quick interview:

``Backs are against the wall, it's all that cliche'd talk that you need to bring everything you┬╣ve got,'' Prosser said. ``There's no leaving anything on the table. It's the biggest game of the series obviously, for us, we gotta make sure we're ready for the drop of the puck and for a full 60 minutes.''

I'm disappointed he didn't say they were going to take it one game at a time. But I guess when there may be only one game left, there's no need for that particular cliche.


What I'm looking for tonight: The Wild allowed St. Louis to dominate much of the first period in Game 3. The Blues took a 1-0 lead and could have led by much more. Then St. Louis went on the defensive, leading to a tight game.

I expect the Wild to take the initiative tonight. Whether or not that leads to the Wild's first lead of the series may determine the flow of the game.


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