Have you heard yet about this goal Adrian Peterson has of rushing for 2,500 yards this season? Even though most folks are missing the point of why Peterson set the bar that high – it’s more about the challenge than the figure itself – it’s all anyone can seem to talk about when they discuss the league MVP.

After Friday’s walk-through, head coach Leslie Frazier was asked if players vocalizing individual goals was OK with him or a potential distraction.

“Guys in general is one thing,” Frazier said. “Adrian Peterson is another. When Adrian says 2,500 or 2,000 it’s a different thing. It’s a different matter. Because he’s more than capable of achieving those goals. I’ve learned that. When he told me last season that he was going to have the type of year that he did have and for it to turn out the way it did, I don’t doubt Adrian Peterson. If he says he can gain 2,500, it’s possible. If it was someone else talking about predictions and this or that, maybe we’ll have a conversation. But Adrian? Nah. I like to see him achieve his goals.”

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